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npm link

We are now at the point where we can link to npm globally. In the root of jarvis run:

npm link

If all goes well you should see a symlink get added to your computer and now you should be able to run jarvis.

You can use the jarvis command as is, it will prompt you for which generator (assuming you have more than one) OR you can pass args to jarvis in order to execute the generator instantly.

For the ts-component generator, the pseudo syntax would be:

<cli-name> <generator-name> <component-name>

A real world usage:

jarvis ts-component Button
Example output
❯ jarvis
? Component name Button
✔ +! 2 files added
-> /Users/seth/Desktop/cfg-playground/Button/index.ts
-> /Users/seth/Desktop/cfg-playground/Button/Button.tsx

Tada! Button is ready to go!

Alternative uses

Now that jarvis is working, think about the other file types you write daily. You don't just have to write Typescript files...Are you a blogger? Make a markdown template for your posts. Are you a Python dev? Have jarvis make you a script template.

The possibilities are limitless!